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SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)

is a hair tattoo that is more than just that. It's a popular non-surgical hair loss therapy in which natural pigments are applied to the scalp's dermal layer, giving the appearance of a shaven head. It's an excellent option for hair loss. It's beneficial, so people nowadays tend to go for it. If you are also getting it done make sure you or your hair- doctor or stylist uses the tools of quality. DermiMatch is one company that provides perfect pigments and needles to meet its purposes.

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About DermiMatch

DermiMatch has my passion for working on new innovative products so they worked on developing new technologies and testing new products at DermiMatch Products LLC. They have continually improved upon their products and the whole team continues to work with the DermiMatch team to expand into improvements and existing product lines and adding new innovations for the future of skin tech. Through years of perfecting scalp micro-pigmentation to give the most natural and undetectable results, DermiMatch Hair Clinic now offers its products to all hair artists from hair transplant doctors to barbers.

Products and Services of DermiMatch

DermiMatch LLC has sourced each element of the DermiMatch kit based on the manufacturers and laboratories that could deliver the highest quality while utilizing the latest technology for the DermiMatch equipment specifically designed for Scalp Micropigmentation. DermiMatch tools ensure the dots look like a natural hair follicle and blend in seamlessly with your complexion. The kit mainly includes the below products.

DermiMatch Pigments

, each DermiMatch pigment is a unique blend combination of a fibrous structural protein called Keratin and specific organic pigments to give the natural look of actual hair stubble from distance as well as up-close. For this reason, DermiMatch pigment is preferred by most transplant doctors that also perform scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) for their clients. It is guaranteed to not blur, migrate, or change colour.

DermiMatch - SMP Needles

are custom-made needles in facilities in Germany to match the precision needed to properly deposit the correct amount of pigment for natural-looking DermiMatch hair follicles. Each Needle is laser cut and inspected for precision according to the strict standards put forward by DermiMatch Hair Clinic requirements. Zero Shine by DermiMatch helps stop shine on a bald head and adds a texture and the Scalp Numb by DermiMatch makes the process of scalp micro pigmentation a comfortable experience.

They sell Practice Head for SMP scalp too, this practice head has a foam light-weight centre, with a red outer coating and then a thin layer of fake skin to give the look and feel of working on a real head.

You can buy the accessories from the head and hair care as well. DermiMatch provides training material and online tutorials to guide its clientele on their way to making a name for themselves as the next greatest SMP artist in the industry.

Comments on DermiMatch

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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