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Fitness plays an essential role in our everyday life, and to achieve this, there is a need to invest some time and effort. So how then do we perform these physically engaging activities without worrying about our overall well-being? What do we need to monitor our vitals when carrying out fitness activities? What fitness tracking brand has the right equipment to help us track our health and wellness? The online market is flooded with several brands and companies that provide fitness trackers, and making a choice can be tricky. With so many questions on your mind about which brand has everything you are looking for, you can get all the answers you want by simply reading customer reviews and feedbacks about this brand from past customers. This review is focused on FitTrack, one of such firms that offer fitness tracking products in the current market.

General Information about FitTrack

Founded in 2013, the FitTrack brand focuses on providing different types of equipment that help its customers track their fitness. Located in Vienna, Austria, the FitTrack brand was developed by three entrepreneurs who focused on providing their consumers with pertinent information about their vitals during workout and fitness sessions. To expand its reach to a broader audience, the brand sought investment from outside sources and raised $25000. Since the investment, the wellness and fitness tracking company has employed 11 persons, who all work together at their Vienna office. To further grow its reach, the fitness tracking company partnered with other organizations in Europe and the US to expand its operational coverage. Customers who want to enjoy their services can check out their websites for more information on their products and offerings.

What does FitTrack Offer Their Customers?

The FitTrack brand, in its bid to service its customers, has provided a website through which they display their products. Their products, which comprise majorly of electronicdevices used to measure and monitor customer's vitals during workout or fitness sessions, are readily available on order. The company partnered with other websites such as Amazon, eBay and the likes to provide their clients with these products through their easily accessible channels, or on its website. The FitTrack products, which include the following; FitTrack Beebo, FitTrack Health App, BeeboFamily Smart Scale, Dara Scale and the Atria Tracker, can be accessed on the company's website. Customers who are willing to buy from the FitTrack website get to enjoy a 20% discount when they register and use their promo code.

Another feature that the brand is offering is its Mobile App that customers can install on their phones and sync with their Apple or Google Health App. The Mobile App interface allows for a more seamless experience as a customer can enjoy the move information. For those who make orders, the FitTrack brand ships their products globally and sends them based on customer delivery info. There is also the opportunity of product returns, which is expected not to elude the 30 days gap the company offers.

Feedback, Experiences and Tips on FitTrack

To get accurate information concerning the FitTrack brand, we have provided a comment section where current and past customers can share their experiences. So, have you purchased any product from FitTrack? Do you have issues with their services or product? Did they excel greatly in delivering their services to you? Please, we would love your review, as it would be a guide for prospective customers.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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