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Grid Studio

Man has always wanted to have things for aesthetics. A very old watch, a vintage car, or something that speaks class in an old but stylish way. Almost like collectibles, people love to keep all these old gadgets or machines at home and around because of some attachment they had with it is it serves as a reminder of what once was.

Grid Studio is a firm that deals in the acquisition of old phones for collage framing and making art. So, if you are excited about things such as having an old gadget at home in form of art, you can read honest Grid Studio reviews, from customers past and present.

About Grid Studio
Grid Studio states that it selects a precious collection of marvelous articles, unfolds and restores them in a collage frame, before turning them into a tale of smartphone generation with the value of art. The brand also claims to scout around the market seeking out old phones that are slowly disappearing or forgotten, buy them off some people’s hands, pick the ones that people are likely to remember, take them apart and clean with special care.

Grid Studio claims to put the devices back together into different shapes according to meticulous designs. Furthermore, the brand states that its reassembled products are framed in polished and varnished natural wood. They believe that when old, but gold tech meets all-natural derivatives, customers get a wide range of carefully arranged and attached décor masterpieces.

Channels to contact Grid Studio
Customers can get in touch with the Grid Studio customer care unit with any questions they might have about the brand and its products via email at The brand states that customers would get a response within a business day. Customers can make press inquiries via email at Clients of the brand can further reach the brand via their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Products and services of Grid Studio
Grid Studio offers the framing of old phone accessories for art. Some of the products available on the company website include Grid Studio Gameboy, game boy color, classic kits, 3G, PSP 1000, 3GS, watch 1 (series 1), game boy pocket among others.

Refund and shipping services of Grid Studio
Grid Studio states that because its products are made-to-order, the items cannot be returned unless it’s a fabrication fault. If the product has a fabrication problem, customers can return or exchange it only if it is returned in its original condition and packaging, within 30 days from the delivery date. The brand offers shipping and claims that it takes about 2 days for orders to be processed.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Grid Studio
Did you find the items that Grid Studio offered suitably? Did you buy a Grid Studio iPhone frame? Did you have problems with any of the items delivered? Please share your unbiased customer reviews with us. Your feedback on your experience with Grid Studio will be immensely appreciated.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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