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The search for the perfect human body is one that has consumed many a body builder both male and female.

In fact, even for those who do not lift, getting the ideal combination of muscle tone and muscle mass is a lifelong challenge involving many long hours in the gym.

It is this search that leads a lot of those who seek such perfection to look further afield for assistance and many end up turning to supplement in order to help their journey.

Whilst many of these supplements are being used in an off-label setting, their use cannot be denied. Care must be taken to ensure that you are not harming your body, and everyone taking any supplement should carefully weigh up the pros and cons of their chosen regime.

About HGH
HGH.com is an online retailer of dietary supplements, principally human growth hormone (HGH) in pill form as well as a selection of other supplements..

HGH.com is owned by Inventory Recovery Corp and is operated by Purity Select. Most of the products available on the site are proprietary products of Purity Select.

HGH.com is Purity Select’s online retail outlet.

HGH.com state that their production laboratories are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. GMP is a set of guidelines set out by the FDA to ensure proper control of laboratories producing pharmaceuticals.

Products And Services Of HGH
HGH principally sell human growth hormone supplements. Although only active as an injection with a prescription, these supplements are in pill form and sold for use in off-label settings for body building purposes.

As well as HGH products, the company also supply a steroid product aimed at body builders who want to add mass and train more frequently.

The company website allows prospective supplement users to shop by different conditions that they may have identified in themselves.

In addition, HGH.com also sells a range of products aimed at weight loss, as well as a section described as assisting with sexual health.

HGH.com also supply their products to the wholesale industry for distribution.

The company ship internationally. Shipping costs are available at checkout.

The company offer a free, 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can ship back the container to them, full or empty for a refund of the product price, less shipping costs.

The company welcome visits to their warehouse, and they also have email and phone contacts for customers listed on the website.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips For HGH
Have you purchased any products from HGH.com?

We want to hear about your experience if you have bought any product from this company. Your honest customer review can be of great assistance to others who are considering buying these kinds of products on the web.

Whilst good reviews can be of assistance in your search, the purchase of supplements on the internet should not be taken at all lightly, and you should confirm to yourself that you are purchasing safe products from a reputable company before you part with your money or ingest any substance that you purchase.

Your feedback can help others in the same situation as you.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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