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Kootenay Botanicals

There were times when cannabis was illegal all over the world and at some point when it was realized that cannabis had health benefits, it was legalized in some countries.
The cannabis industry is growing and it is no longer news that big firms have dominated the industry. However, there is still room for the producers of craft cannabis products like edibles, flowers, vapes, etc. knowing how important cannabis is to the healthcare sector, the producers of cannabis must be treated as important.

Do you know that using cannabis in medicine can help to reform the healthcare sector? Drugs will become cheaper and people can have access to proper healthcare. Some companies deal with craft cannabis and they have promised to deliver the very best of craft cannabis.
One of such companies is the Kootenay Botanicals, but how can you be sure they will keep to their word? Reading customer reviews and feedback is the surest way of knowing if those companies can be trusted or not.

About Kootenay Botanicals
Kootenay Botanicals is a craft cannabis company that originated from the region of Kootenay in British Columbia. The company claims to have a set of collective growers who are experienced and have been in the business since1990. It is said that Kootenay Botanicals provides flowers and genetics to their customers directly.

Products and services
Like every other cannabis growing company, Kootenay Botanicals offers various products like edibles, flowers, vapes, gummies, and concentrates. According to other users, they also have products for pets. It is believed that the company’s products are of high quality.
They also claim to have a good customer service agent that is available for live chat between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm and from Mondays to Friday and if they are unavailable, you can always send them emails. They also employ their customers to follow them on social media platforms and join in on social conversations.

Once you spot the product you need, you place your order and the company says they will begin to process your order immediately. Kootenay Botanicals say they only do delivery within Canada and they don’t accept refunds, except in extreme cases.
They also promise to deliver your goods between 12 to 24 hours. If you place an order that is above $200, the company has promised to offer free delivery to your location. The company has made it clear that they don’t accept refunds and as such, customers should give accurate addresses for delivery.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews for Kootenay Botanicals
Have you patronized Kootenay Botanicals at any point in time? Was their service top-notch? Did they deliver your product on time? How did customer care respond to you? Did you get the right value for money as they promised? We would like to hear from you, drop your feedback and reviews as it will be beneficial not just to the company, but also to potential customers who want to patronize Kootenay Botanicals.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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