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The ability to hear sound is vital to every human to function optimally. However, there are some individuals who suffer from health conditions which limit their ability to hear clearly, and this is where hearing aid amplifiers come in. Hearing aids are essential for this group of people to hear well, and function properly, during the course of their everyday lives. The good news is, you can find readily available hearing aid products all over the internet from different brands, but this also means choosing the right products from these myriads of options could become confusing. This is because every company out there claims to be reputable, and the best way to know which brand is really worth it is to read customer reviews from past users of these products. We will be looking at the reviews of the customers of Otofonix below.

General Information about Otofonix

Founded in 2012, Otofonix is an online hearing aid amplifier brand that claims to offer the best hearing aid products at an affordable price. One of the co-founders, a retired Otolaryngologist, noticed how difficult it was to find an affordable pair of hearing aids. So he teamed up with hearing specialists, audiologists, and manufacturers to produce affordable hearing aid amplifiers. He is said to personally wear a behind-the-ear device which he claims is comfortable, discreet, high-tech, and costs a fraction of other brands. Otofonix hearing aid amplifiers can also be ordered directly through their website, or from their official Amazon store.

What does Otofonix offer customers?

The Otofonix website's main products are 4 different types of hearing aids amplifiers, which are the Elite, Helix, Encore, and Apex hearing aids. They also sell a variety of different accessories such as sound tubes, ear domes, and batteries to improve your overall experience or replace faulty parts. Customers can get free repairs or replacement for malfunction parts of any hearing aid if they take the option of the 2 years Otofonix protection plan. Also associated with the protection plan, users will receive one replacement for any amplifier with a manufacturer defect or accidental damage during the duration of the plan. Replacement devices will be exactly the same as the one returned or something similar if the original item has been discontinued.

All orders made before 3 pm during weekdays will be processed and leave their warehouse on the same day, shipping for all hearing aids are free, while all accessories require a shipping and handling fee of $2.77 for 1st class mail that takes up to 5 business days to arrive, $6.95 for USPS priority mail which takes 2-3 business days to reach your doorstep, and $21.95 for USPS Express which takes between 1-2 business days. Customers can return any item bought within the first 45 days after delivery, all returning items must be unused and in original packaging.

Feedback, Experiences, and Tips for Otofonix

For online shoppers, customer reviews are extremely important, especially when trying to buy items that cost a significant amount of money and should provide a certain degree of comfort. You can help others by telling us about your experience with the aid of a customer review.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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