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Sleepon: A Must Have Device Fo
I recently purchased the Go2sleep sleep tracker from Sleepon, and I must say that it has complete...Read on

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    Would buy here again

    Sleepon: A Must Have Device For Better Night Time Rest

    I recently purchased the Go2sleep sleep tracker from Sleepon, and I must say that it has completely revolutionized my sleeping habits. The device is equipped with advanced features like heart rate monitoring, HRV (Heart Rate Variability) tracking, and blood oxygen level measurement (SpO2), which help me to get a better understanding of my body's response during sleep. The setup process was effortless and took only a couple of minutes. The instructions provided were easy to understand, and the device connected seamlessly with my smartphone app. One thing that stood out for me was how comfortable I felt wearing the device throughout the night; it did not cause any discomfort or interference in my sleeping patterns. After using it for almost two weeks now, I have seen vast changes in my quality of sleep as well as getting insights into what might be hindering quality based on SpO2 measurements off 95% which suggests normal breathing compared to 86%-90% which gives insight into the possibility of apnea/hypoxia episodes |HRV>. Overall, I am extremely impressed with this product! It provides accurate results that are supported by proper research-backed reports from prestigious institutions such as Sleep Foundation HOME SLEEP TEST DEVICE. Thanks to Sleepon's Go2Sleep tracker; users can make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices related to sleeping when trying remedial measures if needed(*No intended medical advice).

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