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Data is very important to the growth of an establishment. A brand that is committed to sourcing, computing, processing, and storing data is less likely to. Keeping a record is very helpful when making any business decisions. It reduces the chances of making mistakes that could deter the growth of the company. It also saves time and speeds up the decision-making process of an organization.

However, the entire process of sourcing, processing, storing, or transmitting data could be a herculean task. This could even be even more difficult if the brand relies on the traditional method of working on such data. With the advancement of technology, a lot of software that could make working on such data has emerged. Outsourcing of data from different resources has now been made easier.

KoolReport claims to provide an intuitive and flexible open-source PHP reporting framework for faster and easier data report delivery. Nevertheless, we advise that you read honest KoolReport reviews here, before trusting their software.

About KoolReport

KoolReport is a provider of PHP reporting framework founded in April 2008. The company claims to focus on building the featured-rich and easy-to-use components to help developers increase productivity and deliver quality applications within time and budget constraints. The brand aims to become a leading vendor of PHP Components, providing industry-excellent products and support to customers

KoolReport emphasized that the idea behind creating the software originated from one of their product called KoolPivotTable. This is a PHP UI product, used for easy and fast summarizing of data and producing an excel-like pivot table.

They further add that the company is a summarization of their many-year experience in creating reports and hope to extend it to serving clients. They are passionate about being the foundation or ecosystem connecting people who need reporting solutions and those who can provide them.

Products and services of KoolReport

KoolReport claims to provide various data sources, data processes, visualization widgets, and report templates where users can find a solution right away. They also claim to provide services of dedicated supporting, consulting, and outsourcing.

The company assures users of guiding them on how to set up data collection and how to turn them into meaningful information. KoolReport boasts of having a team of experienced data analysts, software engineers, and developers to assist them to construct reporting systems.

The company also offers a KoolReport pro package which comes with such extended features as advanced data analysis, pivot tables, PDF exporting, and more.

For further inquiries about their product, you can reach them via email: support@koolreport.com.

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Reviews, complaints & experiences

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