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The most important item in your product promotion Arsenal is most likely your company logo. It isn’t merely a haphazard mark. It gives your company a unique identity that reflects your core values and mission. If done correctly, that identity may sell your business to potential clients right away.

E-commerce entrepreneurs wishing to develop a beautiful and useful logo that represents their brand can use online logo generators. And Looka is one such online logo generator. However, we recommend you read independent Looka reviews here, before patronizing the firm.

About Looka

Looka claims to be an online logo generator that creates attractive and unique logos using advanced artificial intelligence technology. The firm claims to provide customers with complete control over the corporate logo design process by giving customers all the tools needed to create the logo, as well as guiding customers through the process of bringing all aspects of logo design together to meet their vision.

Looka maintains that customers don’t need any design experience to utilize their products. Looka avows to differ from other online logo generators in that they offer more professional fonts, icons, and visuals to assist customers in creating a logo that is a true reflection of their brand. The organization allegedly believes that making a logo should be simple, enjoyable, quick, and inexpensive, and their online service accomplishes just that.

Channels to contact Looka

Looka maintains that customers with questions or queries can reach the firm by sending an email to support@looka.com. Customers can also follow the social media activities of Looka on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Services offered by Looka

Looka asserts to be an excellent solution for business owners who want to create a beautiful and effective logo without having to pay a logo designer. Looka claims to be a lot more cost-effective way of designing a logo for businesses because it is an online logo generator that can produce a quality logo just like a designer. The firm maintains that instead of working with a designer who may not understand the job on the ground like the customer, clients are given the platform to convey their vision directly using Loyola’s artificial intelligence technology.

Looka claims to be a must-have for any e-commerce business, whether they’re selling products, digital goods, or even buying a simple landing page. A logo gives anything a professional stamp, and Looka asserts that they help with one that is economical, of good quality, and is functional for wherever it is needed. The Looka Logo maker is believed to be free of charge.

Looka allegedly offers three pricing packages, each of which includes different aspects of their entire logo design package, but also allows customers to add upgrades to their package for an additional fee if they have specific assets in mind that aren’t already included in their chosen pricing package.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Looka

Have you patronized Looka in the past? How was your experience with Looka? How would you rate their services? Do you have any advice for Looka? Please leave an honest customer review, and feedback of the company here, for the benefit of prospective customers.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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