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Source of Goods

In today’s bustling inclusive world of international e commerce, everyone is a player in the global market.

You can, if you like source products of your own in any country you choose, have them shipped to any warehouse you choose and sell them on one of a hundred different platforms out thereon the internet.

Things have changed and all at once a whole different world of opportunities opened up for ordinary people to do things that, only a generation ago were in the realms of big business, and things will only get bigger from here on in.

Dropshipping has changed the game as far as internet retail is concerned, and ordinary people are now international re sellers.

About Source Of Goods
Source Of Goods are a drop shipping specialist. Rather than you having to source the goods yourself once you have made a sale, you sell products that are already warehoused by Source Of Goods.

Source Of Goods maintains long standing relationships with many online vendors so that they can provide these products as a service.

Products And Services Of Source Of Goods
Source Of Goods literally have millions of products. Each one of these products is curated by the company.

Source Of Goods handle the shipping and order logistics for your customers’ orders.

This essentially means that you do not need to source goods or hold goods in your own warehouse space. Source Of Goods primary service is to handle the relationship with the primary supplier and arrange shipping to your customer.

If you sell on Amazon or eBay, all orders are processed automatically. Once a sale is made, you will not have to make any intervention. This may not be the case if you are selling from other platforms or a private e commerce website.

Source Of Goods provide 6 different tiers of service, starting with a free trial that allows you to offer up to 20 products for sale.

The Basic plan allows up to 100 products, the Entrepreneur plan allows you 1000 products. The Advanced and Premium plans offer 10,000 and 100,000 products respectively.

Above this, there is an Enterprise plan for larger businesses.

Each different plan comes with a selection of different membership benefits, such as email support, telephone support and access to sales rankings.

Top level categories are wide ranging, from sporting goods to kitchen items, home decor to baby products. Details are available on the website.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Source Of Goods
Are you an online retailer who has decided to give Source Of Goods a go? If you have then we really want to hear about your experience.

Has your relationship with Source Of Goods improved your relationship with your customers? Has your sales process become smoother? Has your drop shipping business begun to be easier to manage?

We want you to answer these questions and more by giving us your honest customer review of Source Of Goods, so that other online retailers can learn from your experience.

If you can help us with your review, we will host your feedback on our website for others to read.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

Affiliate ilmoittaminen: Tämä viesti sisältää kumppanilinkin, joka tarkoittaa, että kun napsautat NÄYTÄ-painiketta ja teet ostoksen sivulla, saatamme saada palkkion, joka auttaa sivuston ylläpitämisessä

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