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Dragon Door

The constant struggle to keep fit and be healthy by athletes gave rise to the use of strength or resistance training. Strength training involves applying resistance to muscular contractions to increase skeletal muscle strength, anaerobic endurance, and muscle size. Another name is Weight training. To get the most out of your workouts, you need to apply the 4 fundamental principles of training: specificity, progression, overload, and individualization.

Dragon Door avows that they can help you to perform all strength training exercises with ready-made tools, right from the comfort of your home. The company boasts that it can help customers gain strength in power by the use of routines and machines. If you want to know more about Dragon Door and strength training, you can keep reading to see candid customer reviews that have been left behind by past customers of Dragon Door.

About Dragon Door
Founded by John Du Cane in 1991, Dragon Door was born out of a need to motivate others to develop themselves. They take pride in using their products to live a healthier and fulfilled life in strength and purpose.

Dragon Door avows that they are interested in building a community of Men and Women, dedicated to fitness and proper well-being. They declare that they are ready to show customers how to live healthy and strong, using the best possible methods with their products. They also claim to provide support groups to keep everyone motivated and committed to their journey.

Channels to Contact Dragon Door
If you have questions about Dragon Door’s products or training methods, then you can contact Dragon door via their mail at support@dragondoor.com. Dragon Door affirms that their phone lines are available between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, and thus, customers can call them on 651-487-2180. Interested customers can also fill the contact form on the Dragon Door website to send their questions to a Dragon Door customer care representative.

Products and Services of Dragon Door
Dragon door has a variety of products and services that an athlete, or regular men and women looking to be fit, can use in their training. Their products range from books such as digital books on strength training, and DVDs that can be watched at home during training.

Dragon Door also offers training equipment like Kettlebells (in different weights), Indian clubs, neuro burner, cross core, and others all to enhance athletic performance, restore flexibility, increase heart rate and improve general body wellness. Their Iso Chain is also available to those who want to attain a new level in their strength training.

Dragon Door also offers a variety of online courses and videos to help customers with their training and personal developments.

Return and Cancellation Policy of Dragon Door
All products purchased from Dragon door have a risk-free and 1-year guarantee. So as far as the products are still in good condition, customers can return them.

Complement, Complaints, and Tips for Dragon Door
Have you ever bought products from Dragon Door? If you have, we would appreciate an unbiased review regarding the experience that you had in using the products of Dragon Door. Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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