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Chicken lives most of their life on fresh pasture, eating bugs, grains, grass, and legumes. They moved daily to increase the amount of green forage and protein. Therefore, a customer review allows consumers to navigate through a specific brand’s page. In addition, a review benefits the consumer in understanding the brand.

About Pasture Bird

Located in Temecula, California. Pasture Bird began when one family wanted to eat better and feel better, and the company just revolutionized into a full-fledged business. They believe that everyone should have access to nutritious and delicious food. Furthermore, the company only sources birds that are untroubled with a strong and healthy immune system. Founder and CEO Paul Grieve believes that they are farming for the next generation. By rotating the chickens into a different pasture every day, Pasture Bird is not only healthy but also goes beyond sustainability to rebuild healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands. Pasture Bird is on a mission to revolutionize agriculture by implementing modern technology to past farming methods and making nutritious food accessible to everyone.

Products and Services offered by Pasture Bird

Pasture Bird has become the largest daily-move pastured poultry operation. They build systems that will scale to meet the requirements of industrial levels. In addition, they sequester carbon, increase soil organic matter, give high welfare to chickens, and produce delicious and nutrient-dense food without antibiotics or drugs. Pasture Bird is healthy, but they also go beyond sustainability to rebuild healthy, regenerative soils and grasslands.

Additional Services Offered by Pasture Bird

Pasture Bird offers delivery services everywhere in the United States of America except for Hawaii and Alaska. The estimated delivery date is provided when your order is placed. Shipping times vary due to your location. For many regions, orders can be received within two days. All orders are shipped every Tuesday. Currently, they do not offer expedited delivery options. No signature is required upon delivery. Additionally, you do not need to be around when delivery is expected. Furthermore, you are encouraged to store the product in the freezer or fridge immediately. The package used is 100% recyclable and they encourage consumers to recycle all cardboard and plastic. The company will send the latest delivery status update via email if you wish to track your shipment. You will be automatically charged when placing your order. Your card will be charged the day before your product is packaged and shipped. You can use different payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, ShopPay, and Visa. In addition, you can find them on social media: Youtube: Pasturebird Facebook: Pasturebird Instagram: pasturebird

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Pasture Bird

Have you ordered from Pasture Bird? Do you think that their services are convenient? Is it best to ship frozen chicken? When sending frozen chicken, it is best to pack it in a Styrofoam container and with dry ice to keep the chicken from going off. Do you think farming is destroying our planet? Farming consumes 70% of fresh water on earth, and the runoffs of fertilizers pollute the lakes, seas, rivers, and dams. With the human population and life expectancy increasing, these impacts will increase. Leave a customer review about your experience and share it with Pasture Bird. Customer reviews help the business see where they can improve and the feedback allows consumers to know if they are worth an investment.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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