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Proper Good

Proper Good: A Comprehensive Review

Proper Good is a company that offers ready-to-eat meals with a focus on taste, convenience, and quality ingredients. In order to provide an unbiased review, we gathered information from various credible sources, including Google Reviews, TrustPilot, and Reviews International. Let's take a closer look at what customers are saying about Proper Good:


Several reviewers praised the taste of Proper Good meals. One reviewer on TrustPilot stated, "The flavor is really outstanding, by far the best oatmeal we've ever had." Another reviewer on Google Reviews mentioned, "Love this one! Very good flavors and easy to heat up for a quick meal on the go!" These positive reviews indicate that Proper Good offers meals with delicious flavors and an enjoyable eating experience.

Quality Ingredients

Proper Good emphasizes clean and pronounceable ingredients in their meals. According to a reviewer on Reviews International, Proper Good provides "clean ingredients you can pronounce." This transparency in ingredient sourcing and quality is appreciated by customers who value a healthy and nutritious diet.


One of the main selling points of Proper Good is its convenience. The meals are ready to eat in 90 seconds or less, and they don't require refrigeration. A reviewer on Google Reviews mentioned, "Love the fast meals. Thanks for providing such convenient and delicious meals." This feedback highlights the company's commitment to offering quick and hassle-free meal options.

Customer Service

Several reviewers have positively mentioned Proper Good's customer service. One reviewer on TrustPilot stated, "If there's ever an issue with your order, they quickly make things right." This indicates that Proper Good is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving any concerns promptly.

Overall Satisfaction

Based on the extensive positive reviews collected from various sources, it is evident that Proper Good has a strong customer following. Many customers appreciate the taste, convenience, and quality of the meals, making it a reliable option for those looking to save time and enjoy healthy, delicious food.

We encourage readers to share their own experience with Proper Good by leaving a review on our platform to further enhance the pool of informative reviews available to customers seeking insights on this company.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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