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Random and unplanned drug tests are common these days. They are sometimes done to identify those who use drugs illegally, and organizations also use them as a part of employment or regular routine checks within their ranks. The main reason why these checks are carried out is to ascertain that people are not under the influence while performing tasks or working. While most people test positive to these tests because they have used drugs or other substances, there are also times when you could be exposed to substances from drugs without necessarily ingesting them, making them detectable in your body. If you have been exposed to these harmful substances or used them recently for relaxation and you are scheduled for a drug test, there is no need to panic. There are many places online including Testclear, where you can buy dietary supplement that help detoxify your system and home drug test kits. But before you begin buying supplement and test kits online, it is good to read customer reviews and feedback about the brands that provide these services from their past customers. This will help you get more information about each seller from people who have patronized them already.

About Testclear

Testclear claims to be a leader in drug testing solution, and they have been in operation for over 23 years. They work with doctors and scientists to discover dietary supplements to help you detoxify and be interview ready after being exposed to drugs. They claim to only sell tested and proven solutions to help individuals pass drug tests worldwide.

Products and Offerings of Testclear

Testclear offers solutions to help people pass urine drug tests, hair drug tests, and saliva drug tests. They have a wide range of dietary supplements, cleansing drinks and detoxifying programs for people who have been exposed to drugs. They also provide home testing kits; there are different kits for different kinds of drug exposure, including test kits for marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, nicotine and others. If you are not sure of the kind of drug you have been exposed to, they have a system to help you determine what it is.

The detox program, dietary supplement and cleansing drink comprises of natural minerals, herbs, and vitamins that work together to cleanse your system

You can order any of their products from their website and have it delivered to you anywhere in the United States. International shipping is not yet available.Your item ships the same day if you made the order before 2pm. Orders placed after 2pm on Friday might take longer to be delivered because they wont ship until the next working day.Your order will be delivered between one to three working days.

More information and policy regarding, cancellations and refunds can be easily found on their website.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews for Testclear

Have you purchased any product from Testclear before? Did you get the products as specified? Are you going to order more from them? Are the prices affordable? Did they deliver on time as promised? Did they give expected results? Did they deliver great customer service? Will you be willing to recommend them to your family and friends? We would love to hear more from you about them. Kindly drop a review with us and help others make the right decision when looking for home testing kits.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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