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Are you one of the few people left who still appreciate nature? Plants are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. They give us food, shelter, fresh air to breathe and a beautiful sight to sore eyes. Above all, planting a garden for yourself helps to release both mental and physical stress. Just imagine sitting in a garden of your own, reading a book, what else could one ask for?

For all the plant lovers out there, let us introduce you to a small plant business, Wetplants. They are best known for selling aquarium and pond plants. But, here, you must be asking yourself, how to trust them with the quality? For that, feel free to check out their website and take help from the customer reviews, because when it comes to buying something, they offer great help.

About Wetplants

Wetplants is a family-owned small business that sells aquatic plants majorly. Not only do they take care of the shipping process, but they also pick, pack and love aquatic plants. Mostly, their online plants are from the US distributor. They directly pick and send you plants right from the supply of the distributor. The claim to keep the process secure and send plants in less transport time between your loving hands and the nursery.

Products and Services of Wetplants

Trust me when we say that Wetplants sells a whole lot of plants! The variety ranges between aquarium plants and pond plants. The list includes Anubias, Aponogetons, bulbs, bunch, crypts, grasslike, hardscape, and potted. Exotic Aquatic and tissue culture plants are also included in this variety. In pond plants, they have a collection of moisture-loving pond plants, deep marginal pond plants, floating pond plants, lilies, lotus, marginal pond plants, and submerged pond plants. Moreover, they tend to sell packages like potted mystery aquatic plants pack, starter package, getting away from the green package, best live plants for betta fish package, on and on.

There is a portion of plant care on Wetplants’ website as well. To take care of your bought plants, you can visit that and have a better idea of how things work with plants. Of course, when it comes to keeping your plant healthy and alive, there are a lot of factors. Otherwise, your plants may dry out and die.

What is the refund policy of Wetplants?

The good news for you is that Wetplants also offer a refund on its products. In case that your plants did not survive during the shipping process, they take full responsibility for it. The procedure is as simple as having a pie. You can take a photo of the dead or dried-up plant within 24 hours of shipment and they will refund your money. You can read further about their refund policy on their website.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Wetplants

If you have previously bought any plants from Wetplants, you might have a better idea of their quality and services. Therefore, we are requesting you to share your experience and feedback with us on our homepage. Let us know which is your favourite aquatic plant in the comments below!

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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