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Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor

Decorating your home or office speaks about your personality and research says it may help your self-esteem and improve the quality of life. Quality furniture creates a fun atmosphere, brings life to your home, makes your office welcoming to guests, boosts your mood and encourages you to do better at work. Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor is one of the firms that offer to give you good furniture with ultra-modern designs at affordable prices. But, how can you be sure this brand will deliver on its promises and not end up like some of the other brands which have failed to deliver on their promises? You can find out about the credibility of Apt2B Furniture and Home Décor by reading customer reviews of their past clients. Read the reviews from past customers of this furniture brand below to find out if they are as good as they claim.

General Information on Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor

Apt2B Furniture and Home Décor is an online retail store located in Los Angeles, USA. The co-founders claim that with a determination to see home spaces and office redefined, they are dedicated to delivering quality furniture to customers at affordable prices.

Product and Offerings of Apt2B Furniture and Home Décor

Apt2B furniture and home décor offers different kinds of furniture suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. They also claim to provide decor such as rugs, pillows, wall art, garden stools, wall clock, mirrors and lightings. They offer free shipping and a warranty of 100 days on every furniture item delivered if the customer is dissatisfied with product after being delivered. There are three shipping methods used by Apt2B furniture and home décor: Entryway delivery, Parcel delivery, White glove delivery. Entryway delivery means items will be delivered into your apartment by a delivery team but the team will NOT assemble your furniture. Parcel Delivery items will be delivered directly to your home; however, they are easy to decipher hence this furniture comes with an instruction manual. White Glove Delivery involves a team of trained delivery professionals which will bring the items into your home, place them exactly where you want them, perform all necessary assembly, and remove all of the packaging material. Each of these has shipping methods with different prices.

They own a blog on their website which they claim would give you design hacks and ‘how-to’ which is useful in decorating your home.

Payment is made possible not only with credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover Network and American Express), but also with PayPal and Affirm Monthly Payments.

Apt2B is partnered with Affirm, a lending company which is available to California residents. The aim is make sure you can buy products even if you don’t currently have the money. If you are interested in Affirm option, click on the option at checkout and follow the quick and easy prompts. Apt2B says it's safe, fast and extremely convenient!

Invitations for Feedback and Reviews for Apt2B Furniture and Home Décor

How often do you buy from Apt2B Furniture and home décor? Have you visited their online store lately? Are there aspects you feel they can improve on? What about their 100 days’ warranty? How effective is it? Do they have great customer service? Do you get your products delivered within the promised time? Share your experiences with us and write us a review regarding their services.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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