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With the advent of the internet, buying glasses and frames has come such a long way.

You no longer need to be tied to your local optometrist and the range of frames and lenses that they carry.

Now, you have the whole of the internet to choose from, and many consumers report some big savings when they purchase online as opposed to purchasing from a store.

As long as you are careful about the possible pitfalls, then you can get everything you need and more from an online.

Lenses and frames are both available. Just take your prescription and enter the details when you purchase. Usually, a range of frames suitable for your lenses will be shown to you. Use our excellent library of customer reviews to help you make your next eyesight purchase.

About Befitting
Befitting are an online shop dedicated to the sale of lenses and glasses frames.

Befitting allow you to purchase lenses and accompanying frames for your glasses from their online store and have them delivered to your door.

The company works with all of the major insurance companies so that you can purchase your eye glasses under your insurance plan.

Products And Services Of Befitting
Befitting have ranges of glassesframes for men, women and teenagers.

Their website has tools that allow you to choose your glasses by a variety of criteria. You can select from lens options that include gender, price, size, frame color, shape, frame material, brand and bridge fit.

Using each of these refinement options will give you a selection of frames that suit your choices.

In addition to this, Befitting also have a range of prescription sunglasses, again, you can sort by the same range of options as is available for regular glasses frames.

If you like, you can browse the selection by brand name.

Lens choices are also on offer. You can, if you wish, obtain lenses that have no prescription, purely as a fashion statement. Further lens options include lens material, which affects the weight, and coatings to reduce reflections.

The company also offer a range of blue light reducing lenses, available for lenses with an without prescription.

Befitting ship to all parts of the United States and Canada except Quebec. Free shipping is available, with other shipping options for faster delivery if you need it.

Returns can be made within 30 days, and all glasses are warrantied for one year against defects and workmanship.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Befitting
Befitting have a tool on their website to help you find the right style of frame for you. In addition, the website offers a range of refinements to help you select the right combination of lens, lens type, and frame.

If you have purchased eye wear from Befitting then we want to hear from you!

Can you tell us about your customer experience? We want to hear your feedback.

When you leave feedback with us about purchasing eye wear online from companies like Befitting, then we can publish those reviews. Your review can then help other shoppers make better purchases.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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