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Bonsai Boy of New York

The Bonsai plants are considered mandatory for homes. This is not just about the plants, as this necessity applies to other plants as well. The function of such a mandate can easily be traced to building a sustainable environment where plants, humans, and animals can live with greater health benefits. However, the Bonsai is a special breed of plants due to their history steeped in the art of Feng Shui. While many of these plants may be ordered online, consumers have had to worry about quality and delivery. While the Bonsai Boy of New York claims to know how to solve these problems, you may still want to read reviews to learn more about their products and services as experienced by other consumers.

About Bonsai Boy of New York
Family-owned and operated, Bonsai Boy of New York is headquartered in Patchogue, New York, just as the name implies. The company is in the industry of flowers, gifts and specialty stores, and online retail. It is estimated to have about 125 employees and annual revenue of 33.7 million American dollars. Their first website was created as early as 1993 and has been changed over the years either by service modification or structural developments. As demands grew, their website got modified to meet customers' preferences.

What Does Bonsai Boy Of New York Offer?
Buying plants from BBNY is buying directly from the growers as the company has been selling trees, plants, and supplies for more than 25 years. Their catalogue ranges from juniper, indoor plants, rare plants, flowering, bonsai pots, to accessories. Due to how diverse the products are, Bonsai Boy urges customers to search for any product they are looking for using the search button on their website. The company offers Bonsai special products that allow you to buy trees for under $30. Also, there are discounted trees, Bonsai trees on sale, Bonsai Discounts, and products that provide you with free shipping and delivery. Their accessories comprise pots, cans, display tables, and more. All products and accessories come in different shapes and sizes to suit your demand.

Bonsai Boy guarantees the safety of your plants while on transit. They claim to ship from Monday through Friday using several carriers and methods. The company offers next-day shipments, local shipment, and international shipment. For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands you might need to add a surcharge and read carefully instructions set out for you on special deliveries. Conscious of internet fraud, Bonsai Boy's website uses a secure, SSL enabled server to process your orders and all online payments. Therefore, you're guaranteed a safe and secure payment. Also, if you are not satisfied with any of their products, you should return them within a week and get a replacement, exchange, or refund.

Feedback, Experiences, and Tips
We wonder if you've patronized any of Bonsai Boy's products or accessories. If you have, kindly leave feedback about your experiences dealing with them. Were you attended to the way you should? How was their customer service when answering your order? Did you get the products you selected? Your review will be very much appreciated by us and other potential customers.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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