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Glasses. Not something that everyone needs at an early age, but it appears to be a product that we all end up needing at some point in our lives.

Be it for far sight, near sight or just for reading, age does seem to eventually take its toll on those with even the best eyesight.

Thing is, as you age you don’t need to compromise on form or utility. You can have both and look good at the same time.

With lenses getting better all the time, and new materials making them thinner and lighter to wear, even the most corrective of solutions can be framed in a cool and distinguished manner.

Head out and see what’s on offer and check through what others have to say online before you make your choice of eye wear.

About Caddis
Caddis is a retailer of eye wear that is unapologetically designed by and for people who refuse to be defined by their age.

Caddis make a range of eye wear and are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company first began shipping glasses in 2017.

Products And Services Of Caddis
Caddis produce several lines of glasses for different situations.

Their line of reading glasses is called ‘Readers’, and contains reading glasses and reading glasses that are also sunglasses.

The ‘Progressives’ line of glasses contain glasses that change smoothly from no magnification at the top of the lens to your chosen prescription number at the bottom of the lens. This allows you to use them for reading and also for long vision when you would normally not wear glasses.

The Progressives line is made with the company’s proprietary blue light blocking lenses.

The company also produce a range of specific blue light blocking lenses. These lenses are infused with a blue light blocking ability, rather than being coated with a blocking layer.

The company offer free shipping within the United States using USPS. Orders received before 2pm MST are likely to dispatch the same day.

Returns are accepted by Caddis. You must return the item within 30 days of receipt, and a $5 return flat fee is imposed on all returns.

Details are available on the website on how to get a return shipping label to send your goods back if needs be.

All glasses are warrantied, and the warranty process will vary depending on the problem. The company offer a customer support helpline should you need to talk to a company representative to discuss your problem.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Caddis

If you have used Caddis and have a story to tell about your customer experience then we would like to know.

Good or bad, we would like to host your honest and complete customer review about this company.

Your feedback can help others who are looking for eye wear to better decide if Caddis products are a good fit for them.

Can you tell us about your experience?

We believe the good commerce on the web begins with rapport and trust between consumers and sellers, and we hope that you agree.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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