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Green Bean Buddy

Pest infestation in your home can be very uncomfortable. Are you dealing with bed bugs? These parasites are known to hide in sofas, beds and suck blood. Perhaps this means you and your family members will be in and out of the hospital. Getting rid of bed bugs can be exhausting and this could lead to trying out different products. There are different online companies who claim that they have the perfect solution for you including, GreenBeanBuddy. However, you need to be sure about these claims by reading customer reviews, feedbacks and experiences of people who have been served by these online vendors.

General Information on Green Bean Buddy

Green Bean Buddy is an online company located in Hollywood, Florida, USA. They are said to have about one hundred and thirty people in their employ who work to ensure their products are delivered to their teeming customers. They manufacture pesticides and other products which they claim will facilitate the wellness of homes by getting rid of pests and bugs.

What Does Green Bean Buddy Offer Customers?

Green Bean Buddy produces insecticides, influenza virus spray, foaming germicidal cleanser, bed bug detergent, automatic toothpaste dispenser, back seat storage pack, kitchen dish gloves, future tech wall hanging organizer and storage, free teething toys for babies, electric facial pore, and many more.

The Green Bean Buddy pesticides are said to be effective in killing any stage in the life cycle of bugs, be it egg, larva, pupa or adult stage. Apart from pesticides, they produce different range of product which supports individuals in creating a healthy home. They assert that their products tagged, “hospital grade disinfectant” can protect users from bacteria and viruses. Also, they assure their customers that some of the products they make, do not contain Pyrethrin, and these products are said to be safe and eco-friendly.

Customers can get their products through the Green Bean Buddy’s website and online platforms. Deliveries are made to all US states and international orders are also entertained. Shipping orders are delivered between three to ten business days. They assure customers that expedite orders are attended to promptly. Green Bean Buddy affirms that oversized orders, undeliverable addresses and refused shipments will incur extra re-shipping costs to the customer.

International shipping orders outside the US states may attract additional charges, however, customers will be informed about these. More terms and condition about returns and refund policy can be found on their website.

Green Bean Buddy assures all their customers of excellent customer care service and that they can get immediate answers to the questions asked.

Feedback, Experiences, and Tips for Green Bean Buddy

Have you purchased any product from Green Bean Buddy? Were the pesticides effective and the prices affordable? Are you going to order more products from them? Did they deliver impeccable services? Do you think you can recommend them to family and friends? If yes, then we would love to hear about your experiences. Leave a review for us, we assure that this review will aid potential clients to choose wisely and keep abreast of what to expect from Green Bean Buddy.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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