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Haus Beverage

Drinks are a necessity for every form of social gathering. They are refreshing, conversation starters, and generally set the mood in social gatherings. Getting amazing drinks in great flavors is as important as the number of drinks available for any gathering.

Amazing drinks make the gathering memorable and give attendees something to talk about. You could also just want to stock up on drinks for your home. No matter the reason for getting drinks, always look out for quality. Do you plan on stocking up on drinks soon? You can check beverages with less alcohol and completely natural ingredients produced by companies like Haus Beverage.

To buy beverages, you need relevant information about the production company — their processes and products. Do you want to buy drinks and need information about beverage companies? Read customer reviews and feedback on drinks they have bought.

About Haus Beverage
Haus Beverage
is founded by a third-generation winemaking family — Helena and Woody. They live in California and started making Haus beverages on their farm. They claim that Haus drinks are made from natural ingredients and this is largely because they are winemakers and grape farmers.

Beginning with their ingredients, they claim they are doing everything different from corporate liquor. They also claim to use recycled materials to ship the drinks to you directly from the farm, after production.

Products and Offerings of Haus Beverage
Haus Beverage
makes a promise to its customers to provide drinks produced with naturally sourced ingredients. They offer a variety of aperitif drinks with different flavors.
On their website, you will find these aperitif drinks and all the flavors they come in. They also have a customizable kit with 4 flavors (in 200ml bottles) of your choosing that you can sip and get to experience the taste of different aperitif flavors.

Their aperitif flavors include - Grapefruit Jalapeno (which they claim is a bright blend of citrus combined with a subtle kick of fresh jalapen̄o), Citrus Flower, Spiced Cherry, Bitter Clove, Ginger Yuzu, Rose Rosé and Lemon Lavender (they lay a claim that it is bright and herbaceous aperitif).
When you make duo orders, the company provides free shipping for you. There is also a gift card section on their website that lets you say celebratory words in a pinch. And since the gift card is delivered to your email inbox, you can control when the gift recipient receives the gift.

The company also offers doorstep delivery with free shipping for orders more than 50 dollars. You can also choose the membership offer at no cost - with a promise of getting exclusive flavors launched just for you, discounts on products, free shipping, and members-only gatherings.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews for Haus Beverage
Ever bought any Haus Beverage or had it at a gathering? We want to know what you think about the Haus drink you had. Did you like how the drink tasted? Do you think they used naturally sourced ingredients? Did it come in a package with recycled material? Will you choose a Haus Beverage another time? Sharing your review will help other people choose the drink and enjoy what you enjoyed.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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