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HIKERS Co. is an online shop that sells modern suspenders for men, women, and kids. HIKERS believe that every one of your family members deserves to be comfortable with pants. Contrary to the discomfort many faces while cinching or belting, HIKERS provides a final solution to all the troubles associated with wearing pants. In situations where belts don't work or even become a health concern, HIKERS suspenders keep pants pulled up, unlike cinched belts. HIKERS online shop could be your next stop shop while looking for solutions that hold your pants in place and without health concerns, but how do you tell if an online shop like HIKERS sells products as they acclaim they do? Only by reading honest online customer reviews can customers tell genuine dealers apart from mediocre dealers who are out there to frustrate online customers with briefcase products and imaginary products.


HIKERS Co. is operated by its co-founders Matt and Mellisa Morgan, who've been working together for over 20 years now and still getting along well. The idea came along through a beer-loving team tinkered prototypes using tape and staplers until they finally arrived at the final original HIKERS suspenders design. The ideas were inspired by the fact that belts didn't work for many and even pose health concerns. Belts add weight to your pants when cinched on instead of keeping your pants on. Additionally, belts have been associated with beer bellies because they restrict blood flow into the gut; thus, instead of fats getting distributed to the buttocks and legs, get stuck on the torso. Suspenders provide solutions to all of these. If you decide to ditch belts for suspenders, HIKERS provide comfortable and lightweight suspenders that is even possible to notice when put on.

Products and services of HIKERS

HIKERS produce suspenders made without bulky hardware protruding through your shirt. Suspenders are available for any size and are highly adjustable up to three sizes in one suspender. To wear your HIKERS suspenders, fasten it to your jeans button and the rear belt loop, and you are good to go. The same applies to any trousers you might be wearing. There are health benefits associated with wearing suspenders instead of belts. First being; the gentle pressure applied on the shoulder makes you compensate for it by standing upright hence improving your posture.

Additionally, they remind you to stop slouching and encourage you to walk a little taller. HIKERS is one of the contraptions designed to keep you on the right posture and, at the same time, keep your pants on. Has your doctor recommended you lose some weight? Maybe even recommended suspenders over the belts. Others might go for traditional suspenders, but innovative suspenders like HIKERS keep you in style.

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Have you ordered innovative suspenders from HIKERS before? We would like to hear your views about the services and products of HIKERS. Did they meet your expectations? Please, leave a customer review here for others to see. Your customer experience and feedback is an invaluable asset for fellow customers.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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