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Are you in search of high-quality, robustly made products for men for grooming, homeware, homedécor, and outdoorliving? Do you want to buy and item with the intention of it becoming a functionalheirloom? Where would you begin to even look? You might come across a name such as Kaufmann Mercantile, and you’ll be wondering if it is reliable, and trustworthy. The only way to know is to read about the experiences and insights from actual people that have bought from them before. That’s why customer reviews on Collected.Reviews are so valuable: they can help would be shoppers know about a company’s products, policies, processes and customer levels to enable other people to make better-informed shopping decisions.

About Kaufmann Mercantile:
Kaufmann Mercantile is an online shop that offers homeware and homedécorproducts for indoor and outdoor living. Product types include homeware, kitchenware, outdoor living products, men’s clothing, accessories, and grooming supplies. The company was founded in 2009 by Sebastien Kaufmann and it has offices located in Brooklyn, New York, United States. It operates a warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

Products and Services of Kaufmann Mercantile:
The products available from Kaufmann Mercantile’s online shop are selected from leading manufacturers as well as their own designs for their own range of in-house products. Most of the products on offer are hand-made and are designed in such a way as for them to last a lifetime. Customers can shop for products listed in categories to make it easier for customers to navigate their online shop. The categories include New, Indoors, Outdoors, Bags, Apparel and Accessories, Grooming, Pets, Gifts, and Sale.

Items in each category are divided further by sections. Indoors products customer can choose from include furniture such as benches, seating, tables, and trestles. Home accessories available include clocks, pillows, blankets, candles, and planters. For the Kitchen section, products are listed under Cookware, KitchenTools and Utensils. Barware includes cocktailglasses and tumblers, decanters, bar accessories, and more. There is also a Keeping Buys section with items such as games, books, writingtools, photography, and accessories.

For items listed under the category Outdoors, customers can buy gardening tools, outdoor entertainment supplies, grillers, campfireaccessories, camping lights, flasks, bottles and more.

Sections across categories can be further filtered by Category, Brand, and Price for the ideal products to buy.

Payment methods accepted by Kaufmann Mercantile’s online shop include Google Pay, Shop Pay, PayPal, and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, and American Express. Customers who spend over a certain threshold amount will receive free shipping for US-based customers only. Under that threshold, the company operates a flat-rate shipping fee. International orders also enjoy a flat-rate shipping charge. Items take between 2 to 7 business days for delivery. The company also operates a 14-day returns policy. Refunds take up to 14 business days to be processed.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips of Kaufmann Mercantile:
Have you bought any products from Kaufmann Mercantile before? What did you think of their product’s quality? Was it as they advertised on their website? Was their website’s checkout process straightforward? Did they accept your preferred method of payment? Was your order delivered on time? What did you think of their customer services? Did you need to return or exchange any items of your order and if so, what was your experience of their returns policy? Would you recommend this company to friends and family? Please consider writing a customer review detailing your experiences and feedback (both positive and negative) so that other would-be shoppers will know exactly what to expect from this company.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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