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Jewellery has continued to define a woman's beauty for centuries. The best jewellery a woman can wear is one that uniquely matches her style. Signature jewellery is part of Kinn’s collection which is carefully handcrafted and polished from solid gold. Kin sources jewellery from responsible mining organisation where the jewellery is satisfied and regulated by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Kinn believes in the uniqueness of every woman where jewellery plays a part in telling her story. The vintage design of Kinn jewellery makes it possible for clients to pass jewellery onto their loved ones as the jewellery remains a stylish antique. If you wish to get that fine jewellery made to last a lifetime and still look stylish, Kinn jewellery will do that and more for you in an ethical way. The shop is one of a kind and different from the usual dull places where clients go to get antique pieces because it is online-based, filled with colourful, stylish and long-lasting pieces that will take ages and still maintain their charm. Consider reading customer reviews left by other clients on Kinn's products and services; this will help you know what you are missing out.

About Kinn.
Jenny Yoon started Kinn to honour the priceless antique jewellery that her parents lost after a robbery in their home. Each time Jenny wore a piece and took a photo, people would ask whether she was selling, and that is how the business idea surfaced. Since the launch of the business, Kinn has sold jewellery to many clients, including signature pieces, pre-owned pieces, and other handcrafted jewellery. Yoon admits that it is difficult for people to trust an online store that sells vintage jewellery, but since its launch, Kinn has had a fantastic experience with new and returning clients. The store thrives in the trust and satisfaction of its clients and believes in quality pieces at pocket-friendly prices.

Products and Services for Kinn.
Products at Kinn are made to last for ages so that women can pass the jewels most precious to them through generations. Products vary according to clients liking, so do not feel left out as there are a variety of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces to select. The items are custom made to fit the size and liking of each client. For clients who wish to have a message of inspiration on their jewellery, Kinn has such services with experts ready to assist. Shipping of products may take up to 5 days depending on the place the item is being delivered. Products can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase as long as the item is unused or unworn. Additionally, since engraved items cannot be resold, return policy does not apply.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Kinn.
Have you ever purchased anything from Kinn? Are there shipping and payment methods efficient? Did you like there services? Remember to leave a comment on the feedback & experience you had at Kinn. This will help in gaining trust and confidence with the quality of the jewellery from new clients.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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