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Security is forefront in our thoughts much of the time, and never more so than when we think of our home.

Our safe place, our family and our belongings all form part of this concept, and keeping it safe is paramount to our sense of identity.

So, naturally we want to ensure that the entry ways to the place we live and work are safe from intruders.

And when we think of door locks, we natural think of all the other hardware that is essential for doorways, such as hinges, knockers, and a whole host of newer, electronic devices that make entryway control so much easier in our modern world.

Choosing a good lock company is paramount so chose carefully and pay close attention to quality reviews when you do.

About Lock And Hinge
LockAndHinge.com stocks a very wide assortment of door locks, hinges and various accessories.

The company was founded after more than 55 years in the building trade meant that the founders had created a relationship with contractors and suppliers in the New York metropolitan area.

Thus Lock And Hinge was formed. LockAndHinge.com is the online portal for this company, and they have brick and mortar premises in Brooklyn, NY.

Products And Services of Lock And Hinge
Lock And Hinge retail a full stock of traditional door fixings such as hinges and barrel locks. In addition, they stock access panels, louvers, and door furniture.

As well as door furniture and accessories, they stock a variety of millwork for cupboards and door tracks and hardware. All manner of electrical items for automatic entryways and exits are also supplied.

A range of window locks and hardware are stocked. Lock And Hinge also have other branches in the building trade such as outdoor accessories, kitchen and bathroom and office organization.

Lock And Hinge market their business towards contractors and professionals, and they accept quotes for large building sites and bulk jobs. Part of their service is to overlook quotes from contractors and builders.

Orders are usually shipped within 2 to 3 business days. A flat ground fee shipping rate is applicable to most orders.

Returns are accepted subject to some caveats detailed on the company website.

The company specialize in taking phone orders, and there is also an email and fax service available for those who prefer to use these methods of communication.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips For Lock And Hinge
Lock And Hinge are probably best contacted directly via telephone for the best advice for your particular project, as this is a service in which they specialize.

The Lock And Hinge website contains a section of templates for door furniture, as well as a library of manuals. This resource may be of assistance to you. Also check the clearance section of the site as there are often deals available there.

Have you ordered hardware for your building project from Lock And Hinge? We want to hear about your experience if you have. Your feedback can have a positive impact for others.

Good quality locks can improve your home security, so make sure you are choosing the best.

Great customer reviews online can help others and inform them when they make their online purchase.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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