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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences
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There are a number of reasons why anyone would want to own an eyewear product. For some individuals, it might be for their fashion appeals, why others desire them for medical reasons. Whatever the reasons you may have for wanting to invest in an eyewear product, it is important to say that, you need to exercise a lot of caution before paying for any product, as there are a lot of brands who sells eyewear products, and knowing who to trust could be challenging. The good news however is, reading customer reviews and feedbacks could go a long way in helping you choosing the right brand to buy from. is one of the brands that claim to be the best when it comes to selling the best eyewear products. However, before you patronize them, you might want to read some real reviews from customers who have patronized this brand in the past, in order to ascertain whether they are what they claim to be.

About is an eyewear company that deals in the sales of eyewear for men, women and, children. This brand which offers several designs of eyewear, and has them classified according to color and shapes. Located in the UnitedStates, the company owns a website from where they sell their products and services, and also distributes them to several locations the world over. With a wide array of eyewear designs which are all made for several purposes, their customer can now make a pick from their eye-glasses, sunglasses and lenses. Customers can contact them on any of their social media platforms to get across to them for special orders.

What Product and Services Does Offer its Customers?

The brand provides eyewear for men, women and children. They also have sunglasses designs, and all of these offers are made available on their website. The website also has a guide which would make it easy for customers to easily select eye-glasses. Using the features on their website, customers can measure their PD, fill in prescriptions, measure their framesize, and also determine eye-glasses that would suit their face shape. In a bid to make sure their customers are up to date with latest information about the brand, offers a 10% off coupon whenever a customer subscribes to their platform. Other promo include ‘buy one and get 50% off any order’ and a flash sale which gives discount for the purchase of products over $10.

Orders can be made through any of the following payment option, PayPal, credit or debitcard. For shipping, the company offers two types of shipping; the standard and the business express, however, express delivery is only available for select countries. The company also offers customers a 30-day window for returns and replacements which would only be accepted if the product has not been damaged. According to their website, all products also have a one year warranty.

Customer Reviews, Feedbacks and Experiences

Have you ever transacted business with this brand? We would be happy to learn of your experiences. How was their support service? Were the products as great as advertised, and are they true to the terms and conditions of their special offers? By leaving a review about your experience, you would be helping other customers who may want to do business with them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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