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Sheep woolis no doubt, one of the most common forms of fibre in the textile industry. Its durability, fire resistance and moisture repellent qualities makes it an in demand natural fibre for clothing. In as much as wool is durable and everyone trying hard to get at least, a piece of wool material in the wardrobe, there is, however, a paradigm shift in the demands for more quality products. One of the disadvantages of wearing clothing that is made from Sheep wool is the presence of lanolin. Lanolin, also called grease or wool wax, is a sebaceous gland of wool-bearing animal that keeps the animal skin moisturised. Here comes the connection: when wool has been shed from the animal that bears it, after processing, lanolin usually remains in the wool and may cause allergic reactions. An alternative to clothing made from wool is the Alpaca fibre, and PurelyAlpaca claims to offer the best of these in demand materials. But how can you trust the PurelyAlpaca brand that they have the best Alpaca materials in the market? The right way to find out is to read customer reviews and feedbacks from people who have bought alpaca fibres from PurelyAlpaca in the past.

Details About PurelyAlpaca

The journey to the establishment of PurelyAlpaca started in 1998 when two American couples, Brian and Paula Schieber saw the pictures of Alpacas in a magazine on a business flight. They fell in love with the look and decided to learn more about the astonishing animal. After a thorough research, Brian established an Alpaca farm in the Pacific Northwest. They opened their first retail web store in 2002 and they claimed that since the establishment, they’ve experienced 100% increase per year as against what they had anticipated.

Products and Offerings of PurelyAlpaca

The company sells varieties of products made with Alpaca fibre, not necessarily clothing items. They have a category for, 100% Alpaca, Alpaca for kids, Alpaca for men, and Alpaca for women. Alpaca Books, Alpaca from American farms, Made in the USA, Sportsman, Wedding and Valentine. Others include; Accessories, Apparel, Blanket, Books, Capes and Wraps, Fur Products, Gift Cards, Gloves, Hats, Home Decor, Hoodies, Jackets and Coats, Jewellery,Ornaments Pillows, Purses, Scarves, Shawl, Slippers, Socks, Stocking Stuffers, Sweaters, Sweatshirt, Teddy Bears and Embroidery; all made from Alpaca fibre.

The superiority of Alpaca clothing to sheep wool can be gleaned from the formers’ strength, warmth, softness, lack of lanolin, wash-ability with lower tendency, and much more, and this is the advantage PurelyAlpaca claims to be giving their customers.

According to PurelyAlpaca, to make their customers’ experiences more enjoyable, they offer a prize slash on their products and freeshipping on USA orders of $100 or more.

PurelyAlpaca allows payment through PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Invitations For Feedback and Reviews For PurelyAlpaca

If you have purchased any product from PurelyAlpaca at one point or another, a quick review of their products and services from you would be appreciated. By leaving an honest and objective feedback, you will be helping prospective customers who are looking for information regarding this brand out immensely. Leave your review with us here.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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