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Sofary Lighting

In the chandelier industry, there are so many different products in the industry and this makes it hard for people to find good quality products at a reasonable price. However there are lots of lighting firms today who claim to give you the best services, including Sofary Lighting. Picking the wrong lighting brand for residential use or commercial use can only end in disaster. You wouldn’t know if you will spend hours going back and forth when you have complaints. The best way to avoid such incident is by reading reviews and feedback of people who have taken the leap before you. Read the reviews of real and past customers of Sofary Lighting.

General Information about Sofary Lighting
Established in Seattle, WA USA in 2014, Sofary Lighting is a lighting brand known for its unique chandeliers sold at customer friendly prices. Sofary has been involved in the lighting industry for a while, and they claim to give customers access to pleasing lighting solutions that do not cost too much. Their business model is quite different compared to other light industries because they remove the middle men, like the importers and wholesalers and connect customers directly with the manufacturers which tend to lower the price up to 80% since they do not have to pay the price markups by those middlemen. Their lights are said to enhancethebeauty of your home with or without decors and paintings. They have various kinds of lights to choose from and it is advised that customers choose suitable lighting base on the locations.

Products and Services of Sofary Lighting
Chandeliers are usually expensive because they require special expertise to be produced. However, Sofary Lighting claims to focus on making chandelier more affordable for their customers. They have made it known that customers do not have to pay through the nose for their favorite chandelier. They offer simple and easy customization and editing of any chandelier without adding so much cost on top because they tend to work with manufacturers closely. They claim to have created a wide range of products for different home spaces available for their customers to choose. They also claim to have a dedicated customer support team that help with questions before and after your purchase. They offer easy and simple ways to find a quality chandelier design to style your home. To order from Sofary Lighting, customers can visit their retail store or website to add their preferred items to the cart. Orders are then shipped within 2 to 4 days after payments have been confirmed.

Feedback, Experiences, and Tips for Sofary Lighting
If you have ever ordered chandeliers for your home or businesses from Sofary Lighting before, potential clients needs your honest reviews to help them decide. It would really be great to hear about your experience with the brand. Were the chandeliers as expected or just a rip-off? Was it delivered promptly? Did the package arrive in perfect condition? Did the package come with some extra pieces? Please let us know by leaving a review on Sofary Lighting. This will definitely help other potential customers as they make their choice.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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