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Beverly Diamonds

Diamonds, it is often assumed are formed only deep beneath the earth’s surface under the influence of tremendous pressure from the rocks above.

But that isn’t the case. Diamonds can also form on the surface, as a result of meteorite impacts. Unfortunately, diamonds formed like this are not likely to be of gemstone quality, and will fall short of the characteristics that are so highly regarded in mined diamonds.

Diamonds have always had a special place in the pantheon of gemstones, but it is only in recent times, following a successful advertising campaign that the diamond engagement and diamond wedding ring became as popular as they are now.

If you have read enough reviews online you may already know where you want to buy your diamond jewelry from

About Beverly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds is a family owned business located in Los Angeles, California.

The company produce diamond jewelry and have serviced over 50,000 customers.

Beverly Diamonds state that they are committed to responsible sourcing of their diamond products, and as such their suppliers and distributors enforce strict labor and environmental regulations.

The suppliers that Bevererly Diamonds use all follow the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is a process to certify the origin of rough diamonds and ensure that they are not diamonds produced as a result of conflict.

Products And Services Of Kimberly Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds offer engagement rings in a variety of round, princess, cushion, oval and emerald cuts.

They also offer wedding rings in the same selection of cuts.

Each cut is available as a separate menu item on the website s you can more easily refine your search.

The company also offer eternity bands.

As well as engagement rings and wedding bands, Beverly Diamonds also offer studs, pendants and bracelets, all adorned with diamonds.

As well as diamond jewelry, Beverly Diamonds also have a range of moissanite gems on offer.

The company also offer financing options for their engagement rings, as well as a layaway service.

In addition to selling diamond jewelry, Beverly Diamonds also buy unwanted items of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. Details are available on the website, and there is a customer service line that you can call. Secure shipping to their facility in Los Angeles is available.

Office hours for Beverly Diamonds are displayed on the website. Given the nature of the items that they sell, there does not seem to be any shipping options or internet purchase possibilities.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For Beverly Diamonds
Are you planning an engagement? Are you tying the knot?

Then maybe you have bought diamond jewelry from Beverly Diamonds. If you have then please give us your feedback on this company.

Customer reviews form the backbone of trust in the e commerce world, and we assist this process by hosting reviews so that other people can make good choices.

In addition, if you have used Beverly Diamond’s jewelry purchase service? If so then you can review that service for our website. We would be very interested in knowing how effective the secure shipping service was and all about your experience.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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