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The was a time when, if you wanted to go outdoors and exercise that’s what you did. It wasn’t a time for looking your best, it was a time to push yourself.

No longer! If you’re not looking your best when you’re exercising then you’re getting it wrong.

Don’t step out unless you are looking your best. From gym to track, sidewalk to beach, you want to be looking the part and playing hard.

The best word on the web for boutique sites is where you need to be to find the newest styles, and we can help you out with that.

About Carbon38
Carbon38 is a boutique internet store that sells performancefashion for sports and activities.

The company was co-founded in 2012 by current CEO Katie Warner Johnson, and aims to serve modern women by providing a stylish performance driven wardrobe.

The company aims to carry mostly female driven fashion brands, and these currently account for 70% of the fashion labels carried by Carbon38.

The company has headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Products And Services Of Carbon38
Carbon38 provides a range of fashionlabels for women that are designed for active lifestyles and empowerment.

Carbon38 offer a collection of over 80 global brands as part of their curated designs. These include little known female designers, to which the company give an international platform to sell their products.

The company also works in partnership with industry to create pieces that are not found elsewhere.

In addition, Carbon38 also create their own label products.

The website is split into classic categories – bottoms, tops and shoes.

All the gear is sports related.

A selection of leggings, Capri pants and sweatpants are available. The company also sells body suits, tank tops and crop tops.

Included in the range are jackets, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts. A selection of sports bras can also be found.

Shoes are also available from a variety of large name international brands.

Currently, Carbon38 is only offering domestic shipping within the United States. A variety of shipping services are available for different prices and these are detailed on the website.

Returns are accepted up to 30 days from the order date of the product. The terms of returns and refunds are available on the website.

In addition to the web boutique, the company also has two brick and mortar stores, one located in New York, the other on California.

Compliments, Complaints and Tips For Carbon38
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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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