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Dealing with high quality and inflatable paddle board is the main aim of Freein. Going for paddleboarding is now fun with the variety of quality products tested and designed by everyday paddlers. The online-based store offers quality paddleboards, stand up kayak, floating exercise mats, and kids are also not left behind as there are kids paddleboards available at attractive colours. Freein is among the leading suppliers of high tech paddles, including excellent services from the staff. Materials used to make the paddles are high in stiffness, tear strength, and tension strength to ensure safety as you have fun. The stability in the paddle is suitable for yoga lovers and are strong enough for your dog to stand or sit on the Sup without falling off. Paddling has a lot of benefits such as general health and fitness due to reduced weight over time as you paddleboard. The company focuses on paddling as one of the best ways of recreation in most parts of the world. Getting to read feedback from other clients is essential to enable you make an informed decision on Freein products.

About Freein
Wang Yong the founder of Freein established the company for the sole purpose of paddling activity. For years, the company has been looking to create innovative technology for the boards to make them more responsive, lighter, stiffer, and stronger for everyone to have that fun outdoor experience. The company has grown by serving clients with floating inflatable pads, swimming floats, stand up paddleboards and surfboards. With the 3D weaving technology, available at Freein, paddle boards can remain in good condition over a continuous period of time.

Products and Services for Freein
Certain services or products are available online. The company makes an effort to display the products as clearly as possible for the images and colour to appear exactly as they are at the store. The inflatable nature of the paddles makes it easy to move around with them as you go out to have fun. Because of different designs of pile yarns, the Freein surface shape can be linear, starry, or wavy. Other shapes of surfaces can be customized according to the client's liking, such as the X shape which is commonly sought for by consumers. The thickness of the inflatable paddleboard is equal across its width to make less tippy while boarding. For clients to access their items without any hustle, the shipping takes 7 to 10 days depending on one’s location. Freein also has over 60 warehouses in different countries across the world for easier dispatch. To return items, please make sure that they are unwrapped or unused within 7 days after the item has been delivered. The store assures its clients that their information is safe through a strict privacy policy on personal information.

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Freein
Have you ever visited Freein? What was your experience on their products and services? Were you satifsafied by their savices? Leaving a customer review on the shopping experience gives valuable guidance for clients who used the product. This will make it easier for other clients to decide on what type of service or product they need at Freein.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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