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Cycling is a form of exercise that keeps you fit, builds your muscle strength and makes you feel the air and blood pumping through you as you ride. For most people, it is a sporting activity that bonds family and friends, as most times individuals want to out-do each other. Cycling is a healthy competitive sport but riding bikes whose materials are not durable can be disastrous as it leads to fatal accidents and in some cases loss of life. This is one major reason you must take your bikes seriously. Where you purchase and the kind of materials available is an important factor you need to consider. However, reading customer reviews can forestall occurrences associated with cycling especially when you are able to get long lasting bikes and bike parts at affordable prices.

Overall Information on Himiway

Himiway is owned by Himiway (Shanghai) Technology Co Ltd, which was established in 2017 as a leading online retailer of electric bikes in the country. They are said to manufacture eBikes, which can be used regardless of location, including mountains, snow, beaches, and cities. With their special designs, riding has become easy and fun.

Products and Offerings of Himiway

Himiway manufactures electric bikes which they claim has undergone strict procedures. They assure customers of a solid bike with parts which are comfortable to users. They have two main electric bikes on offer at the Himiway online store - HimiwayCruiser and HimiwayCruiserStep -Thru.

They claim to provide high quality bike parts and components such as brake pads, rotors, spikes, tubes, these, chain, chain rings, cassette, crankset, which goes with every bike they sell.

Himiway also claims to offer several accessories which is said to make riding fun, these include foldable chain lock, E-bike Locks, Multifunctional eBike Frame Bag, Himiway Cruiser Full Fenders, and LCD Display with USB Charging.

To order any of their products, visit their website and add products to cart. They assure customers of free shipping to continental US States, Alaska and Hawaii. Delivery of bikes are completed within two business days, however, to allow for incontinence on the part of the shipping company, customers are advised to be patient as they would get their bikes within two to seven business days no matter what.

Payments are received through Visa, MasterCard and PayPal accounts.

All Himiway bikes are covered under the manufacturer two-year warranty but bike accessories which accompany the bike parts and components are not covered.

Himiway claim to have a solid customer care service which replies customers within 24 hours, they promise to give customers who sign up with Himiway a $50discount on any of their purchases.

Invitation for Feedbacks and Reviews for Himiway

Have you bought any product from Himiway? What about the parts and components of the eBikes? Were they of good quality as they claim? Did you get a good customer care service? If you have patronized the Himiway brand in the past, we would like to your opinion about Himiway. Kindly write a review of Himiway products. Your honest feedback will help potential customers know what to expect from Himiway.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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