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Now more than ever, people are heading out into the great outdoors on adventures and a quest to get closer to nature.

And now with the ease of access to so many fantastic places, an increase in interest of recreational vehicles and travel, and the rise of van-life culture, there’s no better time to take your vehicle and go adventure.

And what better way to get out into the wild than with your own roof-top tent for your vehicle.

Companies like iKamper are creating amazing custom builds and individual designs that will have you on the road and camping outdoors in no time at all.

If you are considering heading outdoors, then make sure you read the best customer reviews on our review site before you buy.

About iKamper
iKamper was founded in 2009 in Korea by an avid adventurer and former Korean ex-pat who had recently returned home after his travels in America.

His experience of camping whilst on the road led him to develop his first roof top tent, called The Hard Top One in 2014.

The small size of the Korean market led him to market his product globally, initially gaining traction on Facebook and then on major websites.

Soon enough, the company took on extra staff, and gained finance through crowd sourcing for their 2017 offering the Skycamp tent

iKamper opened its US office in Seattle in 2019, and in 2020 opened a warehouse and office in Kent, WA.

Products And Services of iKamper
iKamper primarily produce roof top tents for off-road vehicles and vans.

Ikampers range of roof top tents are designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast, who wants to be able to travel in their off road vehicle and be able to take all their camping gear with them in an easy to unpack ensemble on the roof of their vehicle.

They have a variety of designs on their website aimed at different sections of the camping and outdoor market.

In addition to this, iKamper also have the Aioks, an all-in-one kitchen system designed to be taken on the road. The system is portable, having wheels and is a contained unit that un-boxes from its travel packaging.

Compliments, Complaints And Tips For iKamper
We would like to hear from you if you have bought and used iKampers products whilst on your travels on the road.

Have you installed one of iKampers products onto your vehicle?

If you have then you could add your review to our site and be of great benefit to the community as a result.

We want to hear from people who have actually put iKampers range of roof top tents to the test out in the great outdoors.

Good, extant and honest reviews form the basis of good buying decisions. Reading quality, reliable reviews from people who have actually purchased the product that you are considering buying can mean the difference between a successful purchase and one that leaves you disappointed.

That’s why you should take not of customer feedback left on our site, because these reviews are quality feedback from people who have actually used the product that you are considering purchasing.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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