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Lily and Bean

Buying a cool fashion item that fits you is one thing many people religiously pay rapt attention to. But there are so many fashion brands out there that make cool fashion items, some personalized even, and Lily and Bean happens to be one of these fashion brands that offers personalized fashion items and accessories. With so many options to choose from, you need to know the experiences of people who have patronized Lily and Bean in the past, in order to find out if they are worth the hype. This is exactly why you need to read this reviews.

General Information on Lily and Bean

Based in London, United Kingdom, Lily and Bean is a fashion store founded in 2015 with the aim of making bespoke fashion items, especially hats and bags. But they can bespoke pretty much anything, from personalized canvas totes to leather products, to clothing materials to gift cards, and even jewelries. Lily and Bean boast of being featured in reputable blogs, and, RitaOra styling herself with their bespoke hats.

What does Lily and Bean Offer Customers?

Lily and Bean prides itself as an authority in the fashion world by, seeking out the most gorgeous prints, the most flattering designs and the most beautifully made items, to make its customers look fabulous.

To access Lily and Bean products, you have to visit their website, which is very easy to navigate, and place an order by adding what you want to the website cart-- hats, bags, gift cards, leather products, clothing materials, and jewelries. After which relevant data may be collected to bespoke your order, this is if you want to. You make payments with whatever payment option you are convenient with and you are good to go. It is vital to note that Lily and Bean does not offer refunds on personalized bespoke orders. Delivery for orders within the UK are delivered via DPD a day after manufacture, and international orders, after being dispatched, are sent through FedExInternational. All of these usually takes just a few days.

Feedback, Experiences, and Tips for Lily and Bean

Have you ever made an order from Lily and Bean before? How was it? Were they quality fashion items that amazingly fit you according to your expectations or did they fall short? How many days did it take you to get your order? How did you find the customer services?
We would love to know if you would confidently recommend this online store to others. Let us know by leaving a customer review on Lily and Bean. Your customer experiences and feedbacks will help others to know what to expect from Lily and Bean and discover if they are good enough. Your honest, objective feedback will help others make the right decisions as they look for the perfect fashion company for their shopping needs.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

Affiliate ilmoittaminen: Tämä viesti sisältää kumppanilinkin, joka tarkoittaa, että kun napsautat NÄYTÄ-painiketta ja teet ostoksen sivulla, saatamme saada palkkion, joka auttaa sivuston ylläpitämisessä

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