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Mum's Handmade

Knitting is a craft of making garments by creating thread loops interlocked in a row using yarn and a needle. Mum's handmade is an ideal place where you can get knit-wear. Transformed from traditional shop to online store, Mumshandmade is specializing in handmade clothes, swimwear, and accessories for women purely hand-knitted from mix-wool. Some of the authentic hand-knitted products you can get in their online store include; chunky cardigans, jackets, sweaters, and all women's clothes for spring and winter. And when it’s summertime, an opportunity for women to look great at the beach and the poolside with hand-knitted swimwear is possible. Tops, bottoms, and swimsuits with unique statement and colors for women during summer can be a real charm. Read online customer reviews about Mumshandmade here on Collected.Reviewssssssssssssssssss and see what their clients had to say about their products and services.

About Mum's handmade
Mumshandmade is a family-owned business in Thessaloniki Greece, founded in the winter of 2013. The idea came out of the blues while watching mothers knitting beanies and cardigans during winter. All products of Mumshandmade are 100% handmade by Greek moms who love to knit. Since hand knitting is a slow process, we offer on a “made to order” basis, and it takes up to a few days to deliver a completed piece, but it depends on the number of orders coming in. With the passion and love for handmade crafts, we have helped expand the demand for the handmade knitwear worldwide and help local moms sustain their livelihoods. Our tagline is to keep you chunky and stylish for all seasons, and we have done this since 2013.

Products and Services of Mumshandmade
Mumshandmade offers a wide range of products; clothes, swimwear, and women accessories. Clothes include; cardigans, sweaters, jackets, and spring clothing, while swimwear includes; "mix n match" outfits, tops, bottoms, and bodysuits. Available also are women accessories like headbands, handbags, scarfs, beanies, and more. As one of the leaders in the knit-wear industry, Mumshandmade strive to give its customers products made from quality yarns to make its end products durable, unique, and fashionable. Customers have to wait for some time after order because hand-knitting requires some time, unlike the use of machines, and that's understandable. If you have anything you need to be clarified, you can contact their customer service at, and they will be happy to get your queries or issues resolved amicably. Mumshandmade ships worldwide, and if you have problems with your order, you can contact them within 24 hours, and they will replace your order.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Mumshandmade
Have you ever bought an item from Mumshandmade? If so, did their products meet your expectations? Did they suit your needs? Can you recommend their products to friends and colleagues? Will you come back for their products in the future? What about their customer services? We would love to hear your honest experience and feedback about Mumshandmade products and services. Your review will help fellow clients like you decide whether to buy here or look somewhere else.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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