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Trench London

Winter will come every year and you don’t want to be caught unawares. Coats and jackets are a necessity this season. Even beyond winter, you cannot go wrong with a jacket or a coat. It counts as a great fashion item. The quality of your coat or jacket will say so much about you. Asides from losing your fashion credibility, you end wasting money if you buy substandard jackets. Many online stores offer coats and jackets of different sizes, quality, and at different prices.

Do you need good trench coats and jackets? Do you want to get as much quality you’re paying for? Then, you have to check out a lot of these stores and give cognizance to the quality of the coats and jackets they offer and their services by reading customer reviews and feedbacks about them from third party sites such as ours. TrenchLondon is one of these companies and it claims to provide high-quality coats and jackets (for winter and beyond) for all ages and at affordable prices. Read more about them below.

About Trench London
The name likely gives it away, but Trench London is a British owned company. They are based in London and operate their sales via their e-commerce website. They claim to provide quality and high attention to detail on all their products. According to their website, they affirm the best use of modern British fashion while harnessing the best talents to come out of the country. They boast in the fact that they offer users and customers the experience of personalizing their clothing and express themselves. All of this comes with a price. Their reputation as a “High scarcity premium British Coat brand” makes their products quite expensive.

Product and Services Offered by Trench London
Trench London’s collection of coats and jackets is of a wide variety. Customers are spoilt for choices and can browse as many products as they can on their website. The company offers this clothing for men, women, and children of all ages. Their jackets also come in many colors and are diverse in style, confirming their commitment to a personalized coat experience for everyone. The bestsellers on their website are the Rake Slim Trench, Italian leather jackets, Stadium leather jackets, and Trench leather Harrington.

Trench London delivers its products all over the world. They do this using the popular courier service, DHL. The deliveries are supposedly free and are as a result of a long-term partnership with DHL Express. They deliver from Mondays to Fridays during business hours and for product security, customers are mandated to sign off on every delivery collected. Their return policy states that returns and refunds will only be processed for products that have not been tampered with or altered in any way. They also expect that the coats or jackets be returned within 28 days of the purchase and include reasons for the return. Returns can be initiated from their website and should be done according to the grouping of the order numbers i.e., “GE” or “TR”. Returns must be sent with the ‘returns bag’ that comes with every delivery box and not with the box.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Trench London
If you have patronized Trench London and bought any of their jackets, we would love to know your experience. You will help a lot of other customers by writing a customer review and feedback about their overall service.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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