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Alpacka Raft

Rafting can be a thrilling adventure for those who participate and love the rush of adrenaline this extreme sport provides. However, extreme sports as we all know can be dangerous without the use of proper and quality equipment. Since the equipment for rafting needs to be topnotch to ensure safety, purchasing these equipments from the right source is the only way to go. However, with several brands claiming to offer the perfect packraft online, making the right choice could become a little bit confusing, especially if you are new to this. Yet, there are ways around these things, and you can still find out which brand is to be trusted with your packraft needs by reading customer reviews and experiences of past rafters who have patronized these brands. In this review, we shall be looking at Alpacka Raft, one of the brands which promise you the best packrafts in the current market.

General Information about Alpacka Raft

The Alpacka Raft brand was founded in 2002, by the partnership of a mother and son, Sheri and ThorTingey. This brand is located in Colorado, United States, and it deals in the production and sales of packraft. The products are manufactured by hand at their factory in the same location. Their products which consist of packraft and accessories include the following; paddles, paddling suits, PFD, and many others. These products can be purchased on their online retail store or any of their walk-in stores. The brand also does custom handmade packraft based on customers' requests.

What does Alpacka Raft Offer Customers?

The Alpacka Raft brand has several product which serves as essentials for a complete rafting experience. On their website, they have several designs of their packrafts, namely Classic, Expedition, Mule, Wolverine, Explorer 42, Onyx, Forager and many more. All come in several designs, sizes and pricing. The Alpackraft brand also provides accessories and other essentials such as padding suits, repair materials, replacement parts, PFDs. Customers who want to purchase these products can get any of the products shipped locally or internationally.

Also, the brand is offering an educational center, where they provide product manuals, care and maintenance, repair guide and boat sizing. There is also the section where customers get safety warning lessons when using the products. The products' raw materials are sourced from the US, and the waste recycled into other useable materials. Another service that the company offers is the rental and guide option for those who want to use the packraft on a short term basis.

Payment for the Alpacka Raft product can be made using the following electronic payment methods; MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, Discover and Visa. Shipping of orders varies based on the type of purchase, as factors such as custom, in-stock and packraft build and sales differ. Packraft and custom build processing take 2-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks, respectively, before being shipped. The delivery should reach its destination within ten business days.

Feedback, Experiences and Tips on Alpacka Raft

Have you had prior transactions with Alpacka Raft? If you have, we would love to hear your experience with their products. Kindly drop feedbacks and reviews on their services, as we would love to share them with our readers.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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