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E-commerce is driving the apparel business to a scale where everything comes together to make the consumers kings of decision making. In the past, it has always been producers making things happen, dictating what to wear and what not. Now, the world of fashion has gone beyond that and online stores such as Bonobos are ensuring the demand, taste, and preferences of consumers supersede the consideration of their costs. Still, as much as there are very good fashion stores, there are also below-par fashion stores. What differentiates this fashion store from that is the price, shipping, delivery, and return policy. To ensure they understand how an online fashion store works, consumers resort to reviews and opinions of people who once had patronized them. Building into their opinions informs their decisions better than they would have been without.

General Information About Bonobos
Founded in 2007 by Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly and headquartered in New York City, Bonobos can be found in the retail, apparel, and e-commerce industry. As of May 2019, the company has expanded to more than 60 locations and offers products that are largely menswear. Recently, Bonobos partnered with fellow fashion firm Nordstrom and was acquired by Walmart in a deal worth $310 milBonobo

Products and Services of Bonobos
Bonobos are into clothing, obviously, or you may call it apparel. The company's apparel is largely focused on menswear, although not restricted to only that. You will find clothing, pants, jeans, shirts, sweaters, and just about everything apparel in the company's store. Even, there are clothes for certain sports and others you can wear either inside or outside. Bonobos' clothing is in shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, loungewear, shorts and swim, and even facemasks. You will find chinos, golf pants, joggers, dress pants, and jeans under the pants and jeans category. Several products come in extended sizes. You can also buy in a bundle and save.

Bonobos deals in clothing accessories such as belts, face masks and bandanas, ties and pocket squares, socks and underwear, and physical gift cards. You can sort through their products by prices or filter by color, fitting, length, waist, liners, and other filters as you deem applicable. The company offers $25% off your orders when you refer a friend. Not just you, your friend also gets $25% as stated on the website. You can download the company's mobile app available only on IOS. You can also look through the guide shop locations or find jobs on the website.

Yet, you should be concerned about Bonobos' shipping rates, return policy, and process of orders. Shipping in the US, the company claims you get free shipping on all ground shipping and takes about 7-14 days for international shipping. It is stated on the website that returns should not extend beyond 45 days. After 45 days, no return would be accepted by the company.

Invitation for Tips, Feedback, and Opinions
Bonobos deals in menswear and here we are wondering if you have ever purchased a good from them. Not only menswear, but the company also offers services that women also can use. Now we want to know if you have ever ordered from them any of their products. How was the delivery like? Did the clothes match your size, fitting, and color? In the event you had a complaint, how was it attended to? Kindly leave a review with us to help others better understand the process of purchasing goods from them.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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