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Let us admit it—customized jewelry is one lovely gift to get for someone. It is quite thoughtful, the alteration of a jewel for a friend or loved one. They will surely appreciate the glittery gesture, don't you think? If you find this idea appealing, then, Getnamenecklace is one place that offers these services. They are specialized in creating various designs from pieces of jewelry. However, before you buy from them, it is advisable to read customer reviews and feedback from past customers of Getnamenecklace. Reading what past customers have to say about this brand will help you to determine if your purchase will be regrettable or not.

About Getnamenecklace
Getnamenecklace is a jewelry manufacturer. They claim to work with the best of professional designers. These designers turn names and initials into quality pieces of jewelry using the latest jewelry-making technology. They are said to be fast and offer timely delivery to their customers.

Products and Offerings of Getnamenecklace
Getnamenecklace promises their clients different categories of jewelry such as name necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, and family pendants. These pieces of jewelry can be personalized according to what designs their clients want. The clients have the luxury of choosing the name, initials, lettering type, metal, and stones for the jewelry.

The processing time of each Getnamenecklace product varies, but generally, they are reported to take 3-5 business days to handcraft. The estimated processing time will be listed on the product page. It is only after the processing period is complete that the product will be available for shipping and delivery.

For the delivery, Getnamenecklace claims to ship out products as soon as possible. However, different factors may contribute to delivery time. Some of these factors include the client's location and the type of shipping they opted for. For example, standard shipping is free and it takes a longer time for delivery in comparison to expedited shipping and urgent shipping, which are both faster and come with a fee.

Getnamenecklace also claims to offer a tracking feature for your product. After your order has been shipped, they will issue you a tracking number (order ID) and a link to the carrier's package-tracking site. There, you should be able to monitor your order's shipping progress. If after delivery, you discover your purchase is bad (perhaps a broken chain or a missing crystal), you can notify Getnamenecklace through an email to lay your complaint. They assure you that they will refund your purchase or give you the option of an exchange within 99 days. Other information on policy and cancellation can be found on their official website.

Invitations for Feedbacks and Reviews for Getnamenecklace
If you have made any purchases from Getnamenecklace, do tell us about your experience with their service. Were you able to get your product delivered on time? Did you notice any blemish on your purchased item? How about the quality of your jewelry? Your review will be very helpful to others who plan on buying jewelry from the site but are cynical due to one reason or another.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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