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Pullup & Dip

The benefits of exercising are numerous; it helps improve mental and physical health, keeps your weight at your desired point, enhances the quality of sleep, and even make your brain sharper. Because of all these, a lot of people are settling into a regular exercise routine. Many people like the convenience of being able to workout from home. Many equipment pieces can easily fit into homes and enable you to start a routine without visiting the gym.

You can buy your workout equipment without having to visit any physical store. Online stores like Pullup&Dip have gym equipment available for you to purchase. You need high-quality gear to workout from home, and from pictures, you might not be able to determine how good a product is. That is why you should read reviews about the store and the products you want to buy. With this, you get more information from people who have bought them before you, and you get to make better buying decisions.

About Pullup & Dip
Pullup & Dip is a company started by two friends in Germany in 2015. They make portable pull-up bars for home use and other exerciseequipment. After a series of failed attempts, they created the perfect pull-up bars and were ready to deliver them all over the world in 2016.

From then on, they have catered to a lot of fitness enthusiasts with their innovative and portable workout equipment. They have grown from a startup company in a garage to one that makes multiple sought after workout equipment’s and delivers to numerous countries.

Products and Offerings of Pullup & Dip
From their store, you can get products like doorway pull-up bars; wall-mounted pull-up bars, mobile pull-up and dip bars, resistance bands, wooden and steel parallettes, push-up bars, abs straps, liquid chalk, wrist wraps, tension belts, backpacks, water bottles and many other exercise equipment’s and accessories. They also have e-books that give you tips on doing pull-ups properly and training guides for all their gear.

You can get any of the products mentioned above by visiting their online store. Selecting what you want and it will be delivered to you anywhere in the world. If you live in Germany, any order above 30 pounds will be shipped to your address within two to three working days. For other countries, the shipping fee will start from 7pounds, and delivery timelines will differ depending on your country’s location.

You can send a product back to Pull-up & Dip within 30days of purchase. If you live within Germany, returns are free, and if you live in any EU country, the return price is equivalent to the shipping price. Other non-EU countries are not allowed to return products.

For more information about their terms of services and policies, you can visit their website or contact their customer service for help.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Pullup & Dip
Have you bought any equipment or accessory from Pullup & Dip? You can help others decide if this store is the best option for them by dropping a review or feedback about your experience with them and their products.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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