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Live Action Role Playing is like video games but in real life. Many thousands of festivals throughout the United States (and further afield in Europe, too) host such events to recreate battles, home life, and other occasions. With authenticity the most important aspect, people look for replicas of weapons, armor, clothing, and accessories. Other than Live Action Role Playing, people want to enjoy replicas of items from their favorite movies and TV shows. These collectible items range from weapons such as guns and pistols to swords, garments, and accessories such as jewelry. You might have come across the name in your searches for historically-accurate museum replicas and wondered about this company’s products and customer services. Reading about this company on a peer review website such as Collected.Reviews will help you to know all about this company so that you can make an informed decision about shopping with them.

About was founded in 1971 by Bill Adams and Hank Reinhardt. Their head office and manufacturing facilities are in Conyers, Georgia, United States. The online shop operates as the retail division of Museum Replicas Limited. It is a member of the Atlanta Cutlery Corporation group of companies. This company specializes in designing, manufacturing and retailing medieval swords, armor, and museum items for consumers. Their products are historically-accurate replicas of clothing, jewelry, sculptures, weapons, and armor of times past.

Products and Services of
The website’s online shop has products listed in categories and sections to make it easier for customers to shop for items they are searching for. Products can be found in categories for products by type, theme, for licensed products, and gift cards. Customers can shop for products ranging from swords, armor, jewelry, knives, war hammers, children’s toys, as well as clothing, battle axes, tomahawks, pole arms, spearheads, sacred relics replicas, non-firing pistols and guns, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, home décor, and gifts. The website’s online shop also has a section for themed items, such as Medieval, Steampunk, Renaissance, Crusades, Pirate, Fantast, Viking, Scottish and Celtic, American Civil War, Zombies, Ancient Greek and Romans, Treasures of the Far East, Battlecry by Windlass, Camp Re-Enactment, and Live Action Role Play (LARP) products.

A popular service provided by is the Create Your Own Sword. Customers can choose their own sword designs from blades, guards, grips, pommels, and scabbards to create unique swords for themselves. These designs can be unique or can be a mix and match of pre-existing templates for a different and personalized sword.

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Please consider writing a customer review of your feedback and experiences with this company. Your insight will help other would-be shoppers to better know what to expect from this company regarding its products, policies, procedures, and processes for customer services. Did you find their online shop to be easy and simple to navigate? Was their checkout process straightforward? Did you make use of their personalized and customization services? What did you think of their interactions and customer services? Did they deliver your product on time? Were the communicative throughout your buying process and wait time? Would you recommend this company to friends and family? Your customer review matters to Collected.Reviews.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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